Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hallelujah my computer is working

So sorry I have been MIA for so long.  My computer really had problems and with the hubs being so busy he hadn't had any time to fix it up until now.  So what's been going on over here? Well I had another miscarriage unfortunately. Sad but all we can do is move on.  Then we traveled back to Illinois and my jaw went out.  It was so painful I thought I dislocated it.  All I was doing was eating a piece of red bell pepper. After that my jaw and teeth have been misaligned. So after having to go to an oral surgeon I apparently have blood in my jaw bone. Kind of like a big bruise.  The good news is it should go back to normal but the bads news is he said it won't heal fast.  The vicodin and motrin 800 have been helping but it is still quite painful to chew and my jaw is still crooked.  We couldn't think of how I would have gotten a bruise on my jaw until my husband remembered that the little one can give you some really hard head butts and I have had several.  After I mentioned this the the doctor on my follow up visit he said absolutely this could do it.  He said a head butt can actually break your jaw if it's hard enough. These little ones can through their heads back and not even realize what they are doing. Well moving on to my next bit of news, before leaving North Carolina I had some blood work that came back and the doctor called to ask me if anyone had ever diagnosed me with Lupus.  What????? Are you kidding me? Apparently this one test came back as a low positive which can be an indicator of Lupus.  He wants me to go to a rheumatologist. I have that appointment when I get back.  What in the world? I am ready for a break.  Hope you have all been having more fun than I have.  As my sister always laughs at me for saying "It is what it is" I just try to go with the flow and deal with whatever life throws at me. They say things happen in three's hopefully I am done for a while :) So what have you all been up to? 

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012