Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jell-O Recipe

Last summer a lady I work with kept on talking about this Jell-O recipe that she had that was really good so we all asked for the recipe. Well when she brought it in I thought to myself Jell-O and cream cheese this was a combination that didn't sound good and I knew my husband didn't care for creamy dishes so I didn't make a copy of it. Well all through the summer, fall and holiday time I listened to all my other co-workers talking about all the events/parties when they made this "white Jell-O" and how everyone loved it. I finally broke down and got the recipe and thought we will see about this. I made it this weekend just in time for the 5 more inches of snow we received. I have to say it was pretty good and my husband loved it!! He even asked me to put this one with the other favorite recipes we save. So give it a try. It is super easy to make. Sorry I totally forgot to take and picture. The recipe said put it in a Jell-O mold but I just used a 13 X 9 dish. I didn’t have any fresh fruit at home so I made my plain but raspberries would be good and I will be trying that next time. The Jell-O is pure white. Kind of neat. Hey fresh raspberries and blueberries would be cute for 4th of July red, white and blue all the way.

White Jell-O

1 8oz cool whip

2/3 c water

2 (8oz) pkg. cream cheese softened

2 Tablespoons lemon juice

2 envelopes Knox unflavored gelatin

1 Cups sugar

2 Cups milk

2 tsp vanilla

Mix gelatin and water in a pan. Heat until dissolved. Set aside and cool. Soften cream cheese and beat sugar in. Beat in milk, lemon juice, vanilla and gelatin. Fold in cool whip. Pour into large jell-o mold and refrigerate. Garnish with fresh fruit.



Friday, February 20, 2009

New Purchase

Oh I came home today and look what arrived. It is the new LL Bean Madras bag. Let me tell you I LOVE IT!!! I got the large one. I couldn't believe it when the catalog came only $29 and better yet I still had a $10 coupon. I got it for $19. This will be perfect to haul things back and forth with us to North Carolina.

Well they are predicting 4-8 inches of snow for us tonight. I am so ready for spring not more snow. I guess at least it is on the weekend so I don't have to drive in it. Yesterday's drive to work was scary. It was like driving on an ice rink. There were so many accidents and cars off the road. I saw not one salt truck it was crazy. I live in Illinois and there are plenty of salt trucks but none seemed to be out yesterday. At least my drive home yesterday was better and today was fine thank heavens. It will be kind of nice to be snowed in though. I hope to get caught up on a lot of things. It is so sad my mother in law is 68 years old and had a severe stroke on 12/26/08 and is now in a nursing home. We are there quite a bit and so most of our stuff has been put on the back burner and shall I say the house is a bit on the messy side. But that is o.k. because being with her is much more important than a neat house right now. She did show signs of improvement last night though we were so happy. She hasn't been able to speak since the stroke and then started to say a few words here and there and last night we walked in and she said, "So, what's new” My husband and I couldn't believe it. We all were VERY excited. She still needs to be fed and still needs to be on pureed food and thickened liquids but we have to all take one day at a time. We just know that not being able to communicate has been so frustrating for her. This is a woman who has been a teacher all her life and has a master’s degree and though she is still very alert, after the stroke could not speak and her right side is paralyzed. I have been praying to God every night that her speech comes back and he is hearing my prayers I am so thankful.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Craft Organizing

I am now off to the office supply store to pick up a few things in my attempt to start organizing my craft supplies. How do these get so out of hand. I mean it only seems like yesterday they were all organized (ha-ha). We will see how this goes. This is a multi day process for sure. My orgainizing would go so much easier if I had what is in this picture. Isn't it great it's called The Original Scrapbox. I love it. It comes in different colors and closes up like a piece of furniture. They are around $1,400!!! (Yikes) It may take some time to convince my husband of the absolute need for this :-)

Also I have a new St. Patricks Day giveaway to tell you about. Check out http://thehoytshouse.blogspot.com/ She also started a new Etsy store so make sure to vistit her.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well we didn't make to Ikea today but I did go to http://www.primeoutlets.com/locations/pleasant-prairie.aspx. A lady I work with was telling me about the Bath & Body Works Outlet. I couldn't believe it!!! I don't know if you like Bath & Body but my sisters & I do and so I stocked up on a few things. A couple things for myself and the rest for my sister. This weekend for Presidents day almost everything was 75% off. I got all this for $23. The lotions and creamy body washes were $2.37 instead of $9.50. Total bargin. I even got 2 cute pink and brown nail files for .49. I love bargins!
Oh and my husband and I watched Nights and Rodanthe. Good movie but I didn't expect the ending. Get the Kleenax ready. We were both crying.
Have a great week.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Very First Post!!!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Valentines Day!!

Well, I have finally entered the world of blogging. I follow so many of your blogs and today decided to start one myself.

My husband and I are having a quiet Valentines at home today. We exchanged our gifts this morning and I am cooking dinner tonight and my husband rented Nights in Rodanthe with Richard Gere. Have any of you seen it? I have been wanting to see it since it is filmed in North Carolina.

Yesterday we both took the day off work and traveled to Cedarburg, WI http://www.cedarburg.org/ for the day. Cute little town with a winery and cute shops. We had lunch and shopped then headed back home. Tomorrow I hope to have time to head to Ikea. I really need to organize all my craft supplies and they have so many things that are very inexpensive that might help.