Friday, November 26, 2010

7 months old today!

Instead of hitting the Black Friday sales I will be spending the day with the person I am most thankful for this year :-)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We are off to Michigan today and I won't have internet for a few days.  I wanted to wish you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Worlds Largest Christmas Store

Since it will soon be the Christmas season I wanted to share with you a place I have been going since I can remember.  It's Bronner's the worlds largest Christmas store.  This store is located in Frankenmuth, MI and if you ever make it to Michigan it's a must stop.  This store was created in 1945 and has gotten so big since then.  Definitely put on some walking shoes if you are going to go in here.  The store is the size of 5 1/2 football fields.  Yes you heard me right.  Can you believe it.  It is so fun.  I have always wanted to take my husband and we just have never made it and now with Kyle I can't wait to take him someday when he gets a little bigger.  My sister and I got our personalized glass ball ornaments with our names on them in here when I was so young.  Lets just say I stilled believed in Santa when we got these.  We would put those ornaments on the tree every year.  It just wasn't Christmas until those ornaments went on.  What great memories we have going to Bronner's with my parents.  I will always cherish them.  If you can't get to the store they have some things on their website.  In fact I need a new advent wreath and candles along with a 1st Christmas ornament for Kyle so I may need to check the website out myself.   Here are a few shots of Bronner's. 

And if you are not too tired after shopping through Bronners the town of Frankenmuth is so cute.  It is worth a little stroll through.

After working up an appetite with all this shopping you must stop at Zender's for lunch or dinner.  They are famous for their chicken dinners.  Oh this is such a tradition in my family.   I miss going.  My family goes up to Frankenmuth every year.  My brother and sister-in-law just got back.

Oh besides all this the area also has an outlet mall if you still want to shop more.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping this year.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drink Dispensers

I don't know about you but I don't have a Dillard's up in my area but they have them here down south.  Well look what I spotted recently in the ads.  These adorable drink dispensers.  Now I really don't need one myself since I bought a drink dispenser a few years ago but they are so handy I thought some of you might want one for your holiday entertaining this year. So if you don't have a store in your area you can find these all on their website.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Holiday

Oh I should go to bed since it's almost 11:30 and Kyle will be up before the sun shines but I just came across The Holiday on tv tonight.  If you haven't seen it you should.  It's a cute chick flick.  I have already seen it about 3 times but love it and have to stay up and watch it especially since the hubs is sleeping too.  Wow the tv to myself.   Yeah!!   Night, night all.

Last weekend

Well this is our last weekend in North Carolina before heading to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  My husband has been working on so many projects trying to get things done but we decided to take a break tonight and the three of us headed to Bahama Breeze for dinner.  It was very yummy and felt good to get out. 

Our little guy has been up to so much lately.  He will turn 7 months next week but his third tooth has popped through.  Two on the bottom and one on top now.  He is crawling all over the place and can sit up on his own from a crawling position.  Yesterday he was supposed to be taking a nap and I heard him moving around in there and found him standing in his crib attempting to chew on the rail.  Oh lord I guess we are going to have to lower that mattress.  Kyle has a little busy seat that he likes to sit in well today he was crawling around the living room and decided to play with the toys on his busy seat from the outside this time.  He first got up on his knees then before I knew it the little stinker got one foot underneath him then the other and was now standing on his own playing with the busy seat toys.  Of course my camera wasn't where I could reach it.  He are some pictures of him with his busy seat as we like to call it.

He is changing so much every day I can't believe it.  We are loving every minute.  I can't wait to get back home to decorate for Christmas and see his face with all the lights.  I am so excited.  My parents especially my mom made Christmas so fun growing up I hope I can pass that on to Kyle as well.
Hope you all are having a great weekend.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Check out these updated versions of the gingerbread house.  The gingerbread manor and the gingerbread chalet.  Aren't these cute?  Both can be found at Sur La Table

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snowman crazy

Are you a snowman lover or do you like to decorate in red and white?  Well if you do be sure to check out Sur La Table  They have some new red and white snowman items out for the season.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crate and Barrel is getting ready for Christmas

I don't know about you but I love Crate and Barrel.  They have a great store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago if you ever visit. Here are a few things I spotted online that I thought had potential.  I love all the plaid that is out this year.

Aren't these cute mugs. These would be so perfect for hot chocolate or the spiced apple cider from Trader Joes I have been drinking lately.

I was looking at this in the runner but they also had the placemats.

Cute matching napkins.

Loving this pillow.

I can always use kitchen dish towels.

I may be ordering these adorable ornaments.  Don't ya just love them!

Cute cupcake liners.

These are cute for cookie exchanges you might go to.
Hope you all are having a great week.  I am so ready to get back up north.  I am getting in the Christmas mood and can't wait to get home after Thanksgiving and decorate :-)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Black Friday

If anyone likes to shop the day after Thanksgiving or Black Friday as they like to call it then sign up to see the ads early Here.  I signed up for this several years ago and like clock work around this time (actually before Halloween) the ads start showing up.  I used to like all the great bargins you could get on that day until a couple of years ago when one of the malls in our area was opening at midnight on Thanksgiving.  My husband wanted to go to the Polo store because they were having some great sales.  I thought sure no one would be there the night of Thanksgiving. Oh boy was I wrong.  It was probablly around 11:30 pm and there was already about a 3 mile backup on the highway just to get off at the exit for the mall.  No kidding.  I was checking the other lanes and told my husband lets get out of here.  He was determined though and after I don't know how long we made it to the mall and to the parking lots where there wasn't one spot open.  My husband actually parked up in some dirt area where I think in the summer they probablly plant flowers.  Now I have to say I did stock up on some great midnight bargins on Polo stuff and we came out with bag loads for both of us but would I do it again, NO WAY!! I told the hubs that was a one time shot.  It was insane!!!  I enjoy ordering online and my packages come right to the door.  No lines, no crowds and no rude people.  This year we will be at my parents in Michigan for Thanksgiving and my husband will probablly find something to go out for but me and the baby will be staying at the house.  I guess I am just getting too old for this. (ha-ha).  Do any of you brave the crowds that day?