Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mouse in the house

Or shall I say mice. First we have never had a mouse in the house the whole time we have lived here. To begin the story we have a shelf in our basement that we store extra grocery items that we might have bought multiples of. Well over the weekend my husband noticed a small hole in a bag of rice. We didn't think too much of it because we might have torn a hole when we bought it or taking it downstairs. So on Monday I received a call from my husband while I was at work asking me if I had opened the big bar of white baking chocolate. I said no I haven't used the chocolate. He said he found the package open and over half the chocolate is gone. Then I hear the words "honey I think we might have a mouse". At this point I could care less about the food I am worried if they have torn up anything I have stored down there. So when I got home we went to the store for some tubs to put some of the food in and to get a Harahart trap. My husband doesn't want to kill any animal and said any mouse smart enough to eat chocolate deserves to live. He thought it was hilarious. I wasn't laughing too much. So that night my husband set the trap 2 different times and we caught not one but 2 mice. People 2!! He took them a few blocks away and released them. The next night he set it again and happened to be up late and checked it at 1 am and sure enough there was another mouse. So he took care of that and re-set the trap before he came to bed. When we got up Wednesday morning yes there was a 4th mouse!! I am just having a fit thinking we have a whole family down there. So he set it again last night and thank heavens no more mice. He'll do it again tonight and I am hoping nothing will be in that cage because tomorrow morning the hubs is leaving for NC and if he thinks I am catching any mice while he is gone he is crazy. I probably won't be going downstairs at all while he is gone and any mice can wait til he gets back. People 4 mice. I have to say it has been a crazy week here in the girl with the curlz household. Hope you all have had a better one.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was Tagged

I was tagged by the lovely Nautical by Nature to do this summer favorites tag. Here we go:

1. Favorite summer movie: I am a chick flick girl for sure. I especially LOVE anything with Matthew McConaughey in it.

2. Favorite summer cocktail: Alcoholic would be a watermelon margarita, my non-alcoholic drink pick would be cherry limeade.

3. Favorite summer song: I am loving anything by Daughtry this summer.

4. Favorite summer meal: Anything on the grill and a fresh salad.

5. Favorite summer outfit: Probably a pair of capris, a crisp white t-shirt and my Douglas Paquette flip flops.

6. Summer reading: I am always on the go during the summer so I am usually reading magazines. My favorites are All You, Cape Cod, Coastal Living and Southern Living.

7. Favorite Summer moment: This summer was our trip to Mackinac Island, MI. We had the best time and couldn't have asked for better weather.

Here are the rules:

Copy the Quiz

Tag Ten People

1. Preppy Sue

2. Seersucker Scrapper

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4. Summer Wind

5. Mandi Shandi's

6. Our Creative Life

7. Susie from Bienvenue

8. Gifting Gumshoe

9. Brunch at Saks

10. A Nantucket State of Mind

Have Fun!!


Lilly Giveaway!

The very creative Seersucker Scrapper has a cute giveaway going on. She made these adorable little Lilly push pins. Make sure to sign up by Aug 30th for your chance to win. These would be so perfect on my bulletin board :-)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Go through stuff Saturday

Happy Saturday!!

I am glad the week is over. Work was so crazy this week. Thursday evening our neighbor had a neighborhood party. If was a lot of fun. Of course I was racing home from work, trying to get a passing dish together to take and out the door we went and totally forgot the camera. Sorry no pictures. I did meet 3 neighbors I hadn't met before that are all into scrapbooking so we all decided we were going to schedule another night to get together. That should be fun. I need some motivation to scrapbook some of all these pictures I take. Work gets so busy I never have time.

Hey have any of you tried these car air fresheners. I just got these at Walmart. I have been using the cucumber melon and I love it. They were only like $3. They hook right on your air vents. Sorry the picture is turned I couldn't get it turned upright but you can get the idea.

O.K. my mission today is to hopefully go through some stuff in this house. I don't know how it all accumulates so fast. We will see how much I can get done. I will be behind a bit because we just received a call that one of my husbands cousins is in town from California so we are all meeting for lunch. This is a cousin I have never met yet so this should be fun.
Have a great weekend.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Birthday and some pink and green

I hope you all had a great weekend. We went to Michigan on Thursday after work. My mom's birthday was Saturday. It was so fun to have Friday off. My mom and I got to go shopping just the two of us. We left the men at home. I miss my family so much. I told my husband to just leave me in Michigan but he didn't like that idea (ha-ha). Chicago is a great town but after living in Illinois for over 9 years now I have to say the traffic is driving me crazy. Seriously CRAZY!! Driving in this mess everyday for work I have to say I HATE it. I am so over the big city thing. I am ready for a quieter, less traffic town. Any who on to more fun stuff. I have to show you what came on Wednesday before we left.

It's a Lands End beach blanket. It is pretty good size at 55" x 55". On sale girls only $12. I had to have it!! Pink and Green need I say more. The picture on their website was some little girls using starfish to play tic tac toe. Pink and green and shells no deciding needed. That was an automatic purchase. It would be cute to use if we have kids in the future or just for us. Sorry though I just checked their website again today they are all sold out. They only have the boy shark ones. At only $12 I can see why these cute things sold out.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feeling better and a TJ Maxx find

I want to thank you all for your comments. I am finally feeling better from the vertigo. Boy do I hate that. Luckily I usually only get those episodes 2-3 times a year. Well on to a new purchase I got before the vertigo hit. I found this adorable little thermos at TJ Maxx. It was only $7.99 and it looks like Burberry. Sorry the plaid kinda got washed out by my flash. I am still learning how to use this new camera. The plaid is super cute in person though.

Have a great Wednesday!!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Home sick today

Well I am home sick today with vertigo. Do any of you have this? I have had it for years but only have a big episode 1-2 times a year. Can I tell you I HATE it. I do have medication from the doctor which helps some but mainly just makes you sleepy. I just slept 5 hours straight. I can't believe that. I never do that during the day. Well I am laying down in bed using the laptop. I just wanted to catch up with you all but I think I will go back to resting.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Beach Chairs

When we went home to see my family a while back my brother and sister in law had these and we loved them so much we decided to order them (Brylane Home).

Pretty cheap $40 and I got a $10 off coupon from my sister in law. My husband and I both like to be outside but we are not much for sitting in the direct sun. I tend to burn even with SPF 50 on. There is even a little cooler in between the 2 seats and the umbrella comes out if you don't want to use it. And the best part the whole thing folds up in this little bag. It is perfect to just keep in the car for when we might need it.
Hope you all had a great weekend :-)