Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The cat is out of the bag now

Happy Tuesday all. Well I finally told my boss the news today. Only 2 of my co-workers knew the news this whole time. So now the rest of the staff knows. It was so funny today because I hardly got any work done because there was a continuous stream of people coming to my office to congratulate me once the news kept on spreading. Everyone was so sweet. I appreciate it so much. Then at 3:30 today I got a call from my doctors nurse that FINALLY the H1N1 shots came in. My doctor has been waiting for them forever. He said last week he was starting to get mad. With pregnant women being on the top of the list along with children I've been a bit worried especially since I work in health care myself and am surrounded by germs. So I hurried right over after work and got my before they run out.

Still been sick and had a really bad weekend but today I was feeling much better. Sorry I have been MIA but I haven't had anything to blog about lately. I did run in to Target last night and of course had to swing by all the Christmas stuff. Very cute!! I love this time of year. I got the Christmas list from my nieces and nephews so I got those done. I wanted to beat the crowds and avoid the germs and it was perfect last night hardly anyone their. Have any of you heard of Zhu Zhu pets. Well one of my nieces wants the hamster one. They are sold out EVERYWHERE!! They are saying no one realized how popular they would be. I couldn't even find them online so I had to go with her other choices. I am not up on all these toys but I guess I will soon be finding out about all these things :-)


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Kat said...

So glad you're doing so well. I know it's exciting when you can tell everyone your wonderful happy exciting news! I'm thrilled for you.