Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whirlwind Week

We finally made it back to NC late last night.  It was a busy week.  We left NC last week, headed to Michigan then off to Illinois.  We had so much to do around the house including take care of a tree that was damaged in a storm and take our car in.  While in NC the neighbor ran into our car and was so nice to come over and tell us.  That took 3 days but came out great.  Just some minor bumper damage.  We also tried to get in all of our doctor and dentist appointments and I squeezed in a dinner with friends before we left for Michigan again.  Oh and of course we had lots of packing to do.  Once that was all done we headed back to Michigan to celebrate my mom's 84th birthday before heading back down yesterday.  Because we decided to tow our other car down we couldn't drive as fast and so it took us 16 hours.  Needless to say we are all a bit tired, but the little one did great.  We are so lucky he is such a good traveler.  I guess starting him out traveling as a baby has really helped.  Lots to unpack today.  I better run while little one is napping.  More later.

Have a wonderful day.


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