Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Candy Cottage

One of my purchases over the weekend was this adorable, reusable & washable candy cottage

When I saw it I thought what a great idea.  And it's not just for Christmas.  They have so many great ideas to use this all year round. Check out the little beach cottage.

And here are some examples for Valentines, summer and Halloween.

With the little one only being 18 months I thought we will have many years ahead of us to have fun with this.  All you need is canned frosting and candy or whatever you would like to use to decorate it.  How easy is that.  Now it is $34.99, but I figured by the time I would buy 3 gingerbread house kits which run about $10 each I would have just about paid for it.  And I love that you can use it for all different seasons not just Christmas.  Be sure to check out their website. What a great gift for your own kids or for anyone you know with kids. 

Happy Tuesday.



Beth Dunn said...

My children love gingerbread houses! What a cute idea

Peanut said...

The Candy Cottage seems quite amusing!