Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Myrtle Beach, SC

A couple of weekends ago we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC for my husbands birthday.  I love that it is only a 3 1/2 drive now.  That sure does beat driving from Illinois.

Once we got to our room, somebody was super excited to see the ocean and the beach.

Our view from our room. Heaven.

Three of the four outdoor pools.

Our little guy LOVED the kiddy pool.

We all went in the lazy river so I don't have any pictures of us.  This was so relaxing. I could have stayed in there all day.

We just got out of the pool and somebody wanted to wear mommy's sunglasses.

Mr. movie star :)

Our hotel.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn Oceanfront. Now this is only my second trip to Myrtle Beach, but we stayed here the first time when I was pregnant with our little guy.  We really like it.  So glad we decided to stay again because the pools were such a big hit with the little guy.

He was super excited to look for shells, but only a few to be had.  Not a good shell time of year I guess.

Saturday evening there was a gorgeous full moon over the ocean.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  Sorry my pictures don't do it justice.

Our little one LOVES the moon and stars and was yelling moon, moon.  It was so cute to see him so excited.

He grabbed my husbands itouch and looked like such a big boy to me here :(  My two year old is growing up.

Mr. movie star returns.  Even though it was dark he did not want to take his sunglasses off.

Somebody is ready for breakfast.  Doesn't everyone bring a shovel to breakfast. (ha-ha)? Hampton Inn has a nice breakfast right at the hotel that is included.  Very convenient with a little one.

They even have a play area as well.

A little bit more shell hunting before we leave.

Oh I didn't want to say goodbye.

Watching daddy put his first kite together.

I ran back to the room for something and noticed my guys walking on the beach.  We were on the 10th floor and I was able to get some really cute shots with my zoom.

One more dip in the pool before checkout.

Lobby view from up at the fitness center.

Fun times in Myrtle Beach :)

A tired little honey on the way home.

Hope you enjoyed our little journey to Myrtle Beach. 



Ruth said...

What a wonderful place. And it looks like y'all had a blast.

Kate said...

oooh this place looks great! I just bookmarked it-would be perfect for next year's trip with H. They were on board with doing NC or SC so fingers crossed! Love the kid pool, lazy river, and playground!

Kyle looks so cute with his anchor hat!