Saturday, February 14, 2009

Very First Post!!!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Valentines Day!!

Well, I have finally entered the world of blogging. I follow so many of your blogs and today decided to start one myself.

My husband and I are having a quiet Valentines at home today. We exchanged our gifts this morning and I am cooking dinner tonight and my husband rented Nights in Rodanthe with Richard Gere. Have any of you seen it? I have been wanting to see it since it is filmed in North Carolina.

Yesterday we both took the day off work and traveled to Cedarburg, WI for the day. Cute little town with a winery and cute shops. We had lunch and shopped then headed back home. Tomorrow I hope to have time to head to Ikea. I really need to organize all my craft supplies and they have so many things that are very inexpensive that might help.



Tickled Pink And Green said...

Welcome! :)

Hey if anyone knows that miracles can happen in the baby world it's me. I wasn't even trying and at 44 got pregnant through so many "obstacles" that my OB/Gyn still marvels at my pregnancy today. You never know!!

Preppy Sue said...

Welcome to blogging! I look forward to following...