Monday, January 25, 2010

I hope I haven't lost you all

Happy New Year everyone!! Sorry for my lack of posts.  Things have been crazy around here. The holidays were busy. We were just going and going. It was tiring but a lot of fun. Our plan this year was to spend Christmas eve with my hubs family and then drive to Michigan Christmas day to see my family. Unfortunately, we ended up staying in town since we got a big snow storm. Let me tell you the roads between Chicago and Michigan can get pretty bad so we didn't want to risk it this year with the baby nor did my family. We did spend Christmas Eve with the hubs family though and baby K made out like a bandit I have to say. Everyone was very generous. We appreciate it so much. I also have to share that after everyone got done opening presents my husbands aunt noticed another bag over by the tree. There were wrapped boxes in the bag with everyones name on it. Like To Kevin and Linda from Mom or to Debbie (hubs cousin) from dad. I don't know if you remember a previous post in the summer but my husbands mom and uncle both passed away 4 days apart. Well no one knew who the presents were from and no one there that night knew anything about them. Well here is what we all found when we opened them.

I had never seen these before but I thought they were very nice.  Everyone started sobbing.  It was pretty emotional but we all knew that was true.  They were both with Jesus this Christmas. 

Well on to more happenings.  Since we were at home this Christmas we hit the day after Christmas sales.  Here were some of the cute things I found.

O.K. now that my old news is over. What have I been up to?  Well once I hit my 6 month mark I stopped getting sick.  Yeah!!!!  I am tired these days but I can take that.  After working all day and then having dinner I fall asleep on the couch every night.  My poor husband.  Luckily he understands.  I am at 27 weeks this week and little K is getting big.  I don't sleep much at night usually about an hour on my left side and then I get uncomfortable and switch to my right side. It's funny how your body kinda gets you ready for those every 2 hour feedings that are coming. Baby K is kickin up a storm now.  It just cracks me up how much he moves. I am loving every minute of it and am so happy that the hubs can feel him move to.  Just about 3 more months now.  We are so excited!!!!  We are starting to take some of the prep classes at the hospital to get ready.  It's been very helpful.  I have to say at some points though it's a little bit too much information. I think there are some things I had rather not known (tee-hee).  I'm a little panicked now.   We are taking a tour of the maternity ward tonight so we can see everything.  This will be nice.  They show you where to come in depending on the time of day or night and where you need to go from there and we get to see the rooms etc. 

One of these days I hope to catch up with you all I promise.  With work and falling asleep  so early every night I have hardly been on the computer. Sorry.  I miss reading all your blogs.  Work has been so busy I had to work this weekend so I am off today.  Thank heavens but I have so much to catch up on and have several errands to run.  I need a few more days off but what can you do. 

Hope you all have a great week.


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Well glad to see you are back missy! Will be looking forward to some more updates!