Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tour of the family birthing center

The hubs and I went for our class and tour of the family birthing center last night.  It was very informative.  They went over when to call the doctor, what door to come in at what times etc.  They even said in the 3rd trimester our doctors send our entire file over and they will already have all our information on the unit.  They seem quite organized.  The rooms are all private and you actually get to have the baby in the room that I will also stay in the next couple of days.  Well I should say unless a c-section is needed then they take you down the hall for that and bring you back.  But they bring in all the equipment to the room for the birth then after they will take it all out and bring in the twin bed for hubs to stay at the hospital with me.  It was nice to see everything and know what is going to be going on.  The hubs was very excited when the nurse announced they just got wi-fi installed now in the rooms.  I will see how it goes I may be able to post of picture of the baby once he is born.  Well no more classes this month.  Next month we have breast feeding basics, daddy boot camp and preparing for childbirth weekend workshop which is basically a lamaze workshop.  We figure the more information the better since this is our first.

Happy Tuesday :-)



Kat said...

Oh, this brings back sweet memories. Your life will never be the same. And that's a good thing, I promise. So excited for you.


Preppy Sue said...

Enjoy all the preparation! When are you due?