Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

We had a busy but fun weekend.  We were off to Michigan for a bridal shower.  My nephew is getting married in October and his fiancee had her shower. The shower was Saturday at 1:00 (12:00 Chicago time).  We left in plenty of time Saturday morning but when we were about 30 minutes from my parents house we got into a total backup on the highway.  We don't know what the problem was all we saw was a sea of break lights.  Thanks to GPS we got off at a exit and took some back roads to get around it.  All was good but we rolled into to my parents house about 15 minutes before we needed to leave to get out to the shower which was about 25 minutes away.  So a fast clothes change and a refresh and my sister came and picked up my mom, me and my other sister.  Said bye to the hubs, baby and my dad and off we went but in my hurry completely forgot the camera :-( And can you believe my sisters didn't bring a camera either.  They don't blog so they don't take as many pix as I do.  We had a great visit this weekend.  Kyle has been such a good traveler and seems to LOVE spending the weekend at his grandparents.  My sister Cindy finally got to meet Kyle along with my little niece Anna.  She was so happy to see him.  Kyle was showing off his dimples the whole weekend.  I am so glad he is so good.  I hope he stays that way.  We have a long NC trip in our future I am a bit nervous.  I hope he does o.k.  We will be making lots of stops to get him out of the car seat for little breaks I hope that helps.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


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