Friday, September 3, 2010

Road Trip

We left very early Saturday morning for our trek to NC.  I wasn't sure how our little guy would do but he was amazing.  We stopped every 2 hours or sooner if there was a diaper emergency and we would get him out of his car seat to play with him.  It took us longer but that is o.k. the trip flew by.  I took pictures all the way down (see some below) and am going to start a scrapbook for Kyle of every state he has been through or will in the future.  So far he is 9 states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina) and counting and he is only 4 months old.  I thought as he gets bigger he will really enjoy looking at this.  We took a slight detour to stop and see my husbands college roommate and his wife in Lexington, VA and stayed there Saturday night.  Kyle had been in the car 15 hours by the time we arrived to their house at 9 pm.  A very long day for a 4 month old.  We couldn't believe it he was laughing and smiling with John and Elizabeth and he let them hold him with no problem.  When we left Sunday morning they wondering if the kid makes a peep he was so good.  From there we only had about a 3 1/2 trip to the house.  Well when we arrived the water was off due to the pipe damage but my husband went out and dug up the yard were it broke many years ago and sure enough he found the leak. On Monday the plumber came to fix it so we were back in business.  We have lots of trees down here and again they have grown up and our satellite is not working so we haven't had any tv.  My family and friends keep emailing asking me if I had heard about the hurricane.  Well I hadn't until they told me but we won't be bothered by it.  It doen't look like we will even get any rain.  It's looking like nice weather for the Labor Day weekend. LOTS of projects to do down here.  I hadn't been down since last October.  When I was working and we would come down we were only here a week at a time and of course didn't want to work the whole time since it was my vacation.  But hopefully we can get some big projects done that we haven't had time to before.  We'll be here a little longer this time but we have to go back for my nephews wedding and another doctor appointment for Kyle then we will be back again.  It is so nice not having to be rushed like we used to.   Warning lots of pictures to follow but I thought I would give you a little sneak peek of the states we traveled through in case you have never been to them yourself. Here are some of the wind mills they have in Indiana.

Going through downtown Indianapolis

Entering Ohio

Downtown Cincinnati, OH

Going across the bridge from Cincinnati into Kentucky.

Some pictures out the window going through Kentucky.

A little break from the car seat.

Airplane rides helped a lot.

Entering wild and wonderful West Virginia.  Don't you just love that.

Downtown Charleston, WV

West Virginia state capitol.

Going through the mountains of WV

You see a lot of these signs when you go through the mountains.  Thankfully I have never seen a runaway truck that had to use this.

Kyle after a good night sleep in West Virginia. 

Downtown Lexington, WV

Kyle talking up a storm.

Traveling through Buena Vista, WV

Here is what tobacco looks like growing.

Kyle saying YEAH!! we made it to the house.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Do you all have plans for the Labor Day weekend?  We would love to head to the coast.  After a hurricane is a great time to look for shells and sharks teeth but too much to do around here.  We are having friends over Saturday night for a cookout.  Have a great weekend!!



Preppy Sue said...

Wow, what a well traveled kid! He's so cute and smiley!

Kate said...

Love the airplane photo :)
Kyle is such a trooper! Can't believe he was that good for the long drives! I'm going to Yosemite with my work family and I just hope H is this good for the drive!