Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love printables

Happy Tuesday all.  I just LOVE printables and wanted to share a site with you that I have ordered from often.  It's called Sunflower Friends.  What is so great is that it is very inexpensive and once you buy the printables they are on your computer forever to use over and over again.  Love that. Here are just a few examples.

I have so many of these for all different seasons and have used them when making up Halloween and Christmas baskets, get well baskets or just a little something for a neighbor.  Everyone just thinks they are the cutest thing when I give them to them.  For example, I have several printables that fit a tea bag or at Halloween/Fall time I use my printables and put a hot apple cider or hot chocolate packets in.  They just have so many choices.  They have printables for candy bar wrappers, popcorn printables, bag toppers and some adorable gift tag printables too.  Now they also have clipart and graphics but I am more interested in the printables for myself. I know with being a mom now I will use them often for teacher gifts or classmate gifts etc.  It just takes a boring candy bar or drink packet and makes it a little cuter.  Trust me I have printed a lot of these and I think you will just love them too.

Happy printing :)


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