Monday, February 6, 2012

Marbles Kids Museum

We took the little one to the wonderful Marbles Kids Museum here in Raleigh again.  This place is amazing and our little guy just LOVES it.  We can barely get him out of there once it's time to leave.  So many different and fun spaces to explore in this 2 story museum.

The splash area is always a big hit.  They provide these nice aprons to wear, but good thing I come prepared a shirt change was needed after this.

A little chess anyone?

Caught trying to drive off :)

I loved connect four as a kid. Ours wasn't this big though.

I guess he's not afraid of heights like his momma.  That's a good thing. Daddy helped with this one.

It looks like he's giving orders here. (ha-ha)

Thinking about joining the hockey game :)

What a fun time!! We will be back many times I am sure. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week. I am so sorry for my lack of posts.  I will try and get better. Having a toddler running around and one who does not like when mom gets on the computer is my excuse for this.


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Kate said...

Looks like a blast! I wish our local children's museum was a bit closer.