Sunday, October 7, 2012

Myrtle Beach continues

Hope you all are having a nice weekend.  It got cooler here today (finally) and I am loving it!!!
Well I thought I would share with you my last round of pictures from when my sister and niece visited in July.  We had such a fun week while they were here.  I wish they had a fall break so they could come down again.
Here is our hotel from the beach Hampton Inn Oceanfront

Our little guy playing in the sand.

Niece loving the ocean.

Cousin time :)

Our little guy LOVES the lazy river.

Heading out of Myrtle Beach my husband thought it would be fun to take our niece on a car ferry since she had never experienced this before.
Our little one was so tired from all the excitement he slept through the whole ferry ride.

My niece thought it was so fun.  Usually I like it as well but this time not so much.  I was hit by the seagulls and got pooped on.  Yes I wish I was kidding.  I didn't even feel it then my husband was laughing so hard he could barely tell me.  Thank heavens we were on a trip and I had extra clothes.  It was all over my shirt so I had to change in the bathroom on the boat.  So gross. 
Made it to the other side.
Since we were going by we decided to stop at the aquarium.  My husband and I have been before but this was my sister and nieces first time.  It's a small but nice aquarium.

Our little guy loves turtles.

Albino alligator. 


They have put in a really nice play area outside as well. 

We made it back home and on another day we headed to Pullen Park one of our little guys favorite places.

He LOVES the train ride.

My niece is such a little helper it is so cute. 

It was a wonderful time and can't wait until they can come again.
Have a great week. 

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Kate said...

I can't believe how big Kyle is now!! I especially love the photo of him driving the little boat :)