Monday, August 17, 2009

A Birthday and some pink and green

I hope you all had a great weekend. We went to Michigan on Thursday after work. My mom's birthday was Saturday. It was so fun to have Friday off. My mom and I got to go shopping just the two of us. We left the men at home. I miss my family so much. I told my husband to just leave me in Michigan but he didn't like that idea (ha-ha). Chicago is a great town but after living in Illinois for over 9 years now I have to say the traffic is driving me crazy. Seriously CRAZY!! Driving in this mess everyday for work I have to say I HATE it. I am so over the big city thing. I am ready for a quieter, less traffic town. Any who on to more fun stuff. I have to show you what came on Wednesday before we left.

It's a Lands End beach blanket. It is pretty good size at 55" x 55". On sale girls only $12. I had to have it!! Pink and Green need I say more. The picture on their website was some little girls using starfish to play tic tac toe. Pink and green and shells no deciding needed. That was an automatic purchase. It would be cute to use if we have kids in the future or just for us. Sorry though I just checked their website again today they are all sold out. They only have the boy shark ones. At only $12 I can see why these cute things sold out.



short southern momma said...

Love it!!!! Hope you have a great week!! = )

Summer Wind said...

so cute!

Kate said...

Cute cute blanket!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Aaaaaccckkk...that is adorable! What an awesome deal.


Kat said...

Love the pink and green blanket.

I hate traffic too.


The Monogrammed Mrs. said...

Hi there, I hope your vertigo is better! I love the beach blanket!!! A Friday off of work and shopping with Mom sounds great too!!