Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mouse in the house

Or shall I say mice. First we have never had a mouse in the house the whole time we have lived here. To begin the story we have a shelf in our basement that we store extra grocery items that we might have bought multiples of. Well over the weekend my husband noticed a small hole in a bag of rice. We didn't think too much of it because we might have torn a hole when we bought it or taking it downstairs. So on Monday I received a call from my husband while I was at work asking me if I had opened the big bar of white baking chocolate. I said no I haven't used the chocolate. He said he found the package open and over half the chocolate is gone. Then I hear the words "honey I think we might have a mouse". At this point I could care less about the food I am worried if they have torn up anything I have stored down there. So when I got home we went to the store for some tubs to put some of the food in and to get a Harahart trap. My husband doesn't want to kill any animal and said any mouse smart enough to eat chocolate deserves to live. He thought it was hilarious. I wasn't laughing too much. So that night my husband set the trap 2 different times and we caught not one but 2 mice. People 2!! He took them a few blocks away and released them. The next night he set it again and happened to be up late and checked it at 1 am and sure enough there was another mouse. So he took care of that and re-set the trap before he came to bed. When we got up Wednesday morning yes there was a 4th mouse!! I am just having a fit thinking we have a whole family down there. So he set it again last night and thank heavens no more mice. He'll do it again tonight and I am hoping nothing will be in that cage because tomorrow morning the hubs is leaving for NC and if he thinks I am catching any mice while he is gone he is crazy. I probably won't be going downstairs at all while he is gone and any mice can wait til he gets back. People 4 mice. I have to say it has been a crazy week here in the girl with the curlz household. Hope you all have had a better one.



Preppy Sue said...

Oh my, hopefully that's it! You are good people to let those mice live!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Oh this is not good! I hope they know they are no longer welcome!

Kat said...

We had a snake in our garage the other day. A big YUK for me, but I guess that means no mice though.