Saturday, August 22, 2009

Go through stuff Saturday

Happy Saturday!!

I am glad the week is over. Work was so crazy this week. Thursday evening our neighbor had a neighborhood party. If was a lot of fun. Of course I was racing home from work, trying to get a passing dish together to take and out the door we went and totally forgot the camera. Sorry no pictures. I did meet 3 neighbors I hadn't met before that are all into scrapbooking so we all decided we were going to schedule another night to get together. That should be fun. I need some motivation to scrapbook some of all these pictures I take. Work gets so busy I never have time.

Hey have any of you tried these car air fresheners. I just got these at Walmart. I have been using the cucumber melon and I love it. They were only like $3. They hook right on your air vents. Sorry the picture is turned I couldn't get it turned upright but you can get the idea.

O.K. my mission today is to hopefully go through some stuff in this house. I don't know how it all accumulates so fast. We will see how much I can get done. I will be behind a bit because we just received a call that one of my husbands cousins is in town from California so we are all meeting for lunch. This is a cousin I have never met yet so this should be fun.
Have a great weekend.


Kat said...

I've never scrapbooked, but I should since I have photos scattered everywhere!


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

I have to admit I do like to scrap book! I hope you weren't buried during your organizing! So crazy how quickly things accumulate!