Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introducing our newest memember of the family

Hi Everyone,
Our new addition has finally arrived. Kyle Gardner arrived on 4/26/10 at 4:31 pm and weighed 9 pounds 4 oz and 21 1/2 inches long.  He is just the sweetest thing.

I went into labor at 4:00 am on Sunday the 25th.  An hour later noticed spotting and called the doctor he said to head to labor and delivery to be checked.  The baby was fine but my contractions weren't close enough together so they sent me home.  The doctor said once the contractions are 5 minutes apart for one hour call him back.  My husband and I went home and throughout the day the contractions became worse.  Finally at 6:30 pm I told my husband we need to go to the hospital.  By the time we got to the hospital the contractions were 3 minutes then 2 minutes apart.  I was ready for my epidural by this time.  It was a long night and I was making progress but by 9:00 am on the 26th part of the epidural was wearing off and they had to give me more 3 times over the next several hours.  The hospital said this can sometimes happen with people especially when the labor was so long.  After a couple more hours I was dialated to a 6 and the doctor broke my water and gave me a little pitocin to try and speed things up a little.  Well it was time to push and I pushed for 2 1/2 hours.  The head was halfway down but I had started to spike a fever and had to give me antibiotics and the doctor did not feel the head was going to come out.  At this time she recommended a c-section.  They took me down and out came our little cutie.  After we heard how big he was I was glad they did the c-section. We were in the hospital until Thursday and we are trying to get used to all this.  It is quite a change but a wonderful one.  My husband and I are still getting used to these 2 hour feedings. Everyone warns you how tired you are going to be but I really never understood it until now. 

I have missed checking in with you all and will try to catch up soon.  Here is another link if you would like to see some more pictures. Friday night my husband and I just laughed Kyle was just so cute posing for the camer. Our little guy has quite the expressions.



Preppy Sue said...

CONGRATS, wonderful news! Wow, sounds like you experienced it all during labor...I'm sure it was worth it. Enjoy your little guy!

Kat said...

Oh Linda! Congratulations! He is absolutely adorable. I'm so excited for you.

Our daughter weighed 9-1/2 so I know exactly how you feel. Take care of yourself and rest when you can.


Preppy Sue said...

Thanks for your nice comments...the dress is a Lilly from a few seasons ago :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

Congratualtions, he is so cute!