Saturday, May 29, 2010

When I get my beach house

I have always dreamed of having a home overlooking the water.  I guess I will have to put that in my bucket list as Oprah would say.  I would love to go to sleep at night hearing the waves crashing. When I was taking sailing trips on Lake Michigan and we would get a slip at the different marinas it was so relaxing to fall asleep with the water slapping against the hull.  Of course if I had a home on the water I would need some outdoor furniture so I could relax and entertain of course.  Here are some of my top finds.

Hope you are having a great Saturday.  No stroller ride for the little one today momma was having some vertigo.  Hopefully I am feeling more up to it tomorrow.



Susie from Bienvenue said...

I'm loving your ideas!!! I'm sorry you are not feeling well today. I had that once and it sure does rock your world. Ugh~ Hope you get to feeling better soon and get to enjoy your holiday. xoxox Susie~

Amber said...

I just noticed that you had a picture on your sidebar captioned "emerald isle, nc 2008." That's the beach that my family and I vacation at every summer. I've been going there since I was about five! How cool! I love that place! One of my favorites; such a nice family beach!