Monday, January 10, 2011

8 months old

Well I am a little late on this since the little guy turned 8 months Dec 26th but things have been a little crazy.  Sorry.
We can not get over the progress our little guy is making.  Now I know I am a first time mom so I have nothing to compare to but to us he is doing great.  He crawls all over the house, stands up hanging on to anything and will also let go of things and just stand there for a few seconds.  The other day I was sitting by him on the floor eating some yogurt and he was walking with his Little Tikes activity walker and then all of a sudden he stopped and let go and took 2 steps and walked to me.  I couldn't believe it.  Maybe he will be walking soon.  We can sure tell he wants to.  His 7th yes 7th tooth has popped through. I can't believe it!!  8 1/2 months old and getting his 7th tooth. He jabbers all the time.  He says dada mostly (which is what the doctor said would happen) and mama when he is upset and I am not in sight.  He understands the word no.  When we have to tell him no, no he just looks at us smiles and stops what he was about to do.  It is so cute.  We think he is already around 24 pounds but his 9 month appointment is not until the end of the month.  He wears a size 3-4 shoe when he will keep them on and is wearing 18 months clothes already.  He can still fit into some 12 month pants but he has a big and long upper body and only can fit into 18 months or larger.  He is so strong.  We can not believe the strength this kid has.  Some of the things he can move with just one hand amazes us. We are so blessed he is such a laid back easy going baby.  There is not much that rattles him.

Here he is with his activity walker.  He loves it!!

Showing off some of his teeth.

And here he is saying "mom enough with the pictures already."  Ha-ha.

Hope you all are having a great new year so far.  I haven't had much to blog about lately.  I hope to get better.  I have just been trying to go through the basement.  Ugh!! What a project.  I am waiting to be contacted by Hoarders any day asking me to be on their next episode.  Ha-Ha.  No I am just kidding.  It's not that bad but between my stuff, my husbands, his mothers and some of his grandmothers it's enough to drive me CRAZY.  Luckily it's an unfinished basement and just storage.  Anyone have any basement organization tips.  My idea is to just get rid of it all but the hubs says I can't do that :-(



The Preppy Princess said...

He is just precious, my goodness, what a love! That grin is killer, I see a trail of broken hearts about 15, 16 years from now!

Sending you a smile,

Kate said...

So cute! He seems like such a happy little guy! 7 teeth already? Wow! H is getting his 5th tooth.