Sunday, January 30, 2011

A new car seat and some fish

This weekend we finally had to break down and buy a new car seat.  Kyle is so long he has pretty much grown out of his Chicco keyfit 30.  We went with the Britax and he has only riden in it once so we are still deciding.  It's hard for us because we travel quite a bit and the car seat needs to be comfortable for him.  Lots of them out there hardly have any padding.  If you have any suggestions please let me know. Here he is testing it out before we put it in the car.

Then on Saturday we were in an Outdoor World store.  They have such a great fish tank we had to show Kyle.  He loved it!!!  I guess we will have to take him to Shedd Aquarium in the city soon.

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Kate said...

H has the britax marathon 70. i've heard that & the sunshine kids radian are the best (safest & last the longest). I also wanted one that could be RF for a long time because that is safer than FF. BUT everyone has a different opinion on carseats and which one is best! I googled my car and what people recommended (what fit best, etc). I wanted to make sure I could still fit 2 people in the back. Since you travel a lot, I would also see which carseats fit best on airplanes.