Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Kate at Nautical By Nature to list my 5 fall goals.  Sorry I am so late on this.  Things have been crazy down here.  So here we go.

1. Organize!!!  This is by far our longest stretch here in NC and I really want to take the time to go through and organize, get rid of things and redo some things. I have completed some, but moving slow with the little one running around and a husband who is dragging his feet on getting rid of things (ha-ha).  Go Mom Inc  has some great ideas and I love her videos.  She also has checklists for the different seasons that are helpful as well.

2. Plan my weekly meals.  You all who do this really inspire me.  I  definately put dinner on the table ever night, but I kind of wing it.  All works out just fine, but with the toddler the planning would help the grocery store runs.

3. Scrapbook.  This is a big goal of mine.  I am so far behind with this, but I really want to get the little guys stuff done asap.

4. Plan a murder mystery party. Hubs and I really think this would be fun. If anyone has done one before I would love to hear how it went.

5. Explore more of NC.  Lots to see and do down here.  Hope we get to some more places before we have to head back.

I would love to hear your fall goals so feel free to play along.


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Kate said...

I would love to have a murder mystery party. How fun! I wish I could have done that for my birthday this year

I need to do better menu planning. It really would make shopping so much easier. 1 trip a week would be great. I hate having to drag H to the store multiple times