Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flat Stanley

For the past week, we've had fun with flat Stanley visiting us here in North Carolina. You might all be familar with flat Stanley if you have children of your own.  My niece back in Michigan is now doing this in her class as did my nephew a few years ago. Once he arrived our first order of business was to give him an outfit.  So we decided to dress him in an NC State sweatshirt and jeans. Well Stanley has been a busy boy this week and has lots to share with the class when he gets back :) Here are some of his adventures.

He also made a stop at the state capitol.

And of course had to look around downtown Raleigh.

Well that night was a bit chilly so after all that we went to Escazu for some dark chocolate hot chocolate and probably the best chocolate I have ever had. 

I tried the honey cinnamon caramel and the hubs tried dark chocolate mint.  Oh my gosh they were so good and so was the hot chocolate which is made from real chocolate not powder.  We will definitely be back.

And our little one had fun drawing at the little table they had.

Our next adventure took us to North Carolina State University.  This is were the hubs graduated from so we had to have this on the list.

The bell tower.

We also had fun at Pullen Park where Stanley got to take his first train ride.

The park even has a carousel.

Stanley had fun, but the little one was not quite sure about this.

After all those adventures Stanley wanted a treat so we headed to Gigis cupcakes

Super yummy!

And to round out his week, a hockey game!!

It was a fun week, but unfortunately Stanley has to go back to Michigan next week to tell all about his adventures :)

Hope you all have been having a great week.


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