Monday, November 22, 2010

Worlds Largest Christmas Store

Since it will soon be the Christmas season I wanted to share with you a place I have been going since I can remember.  It's Bronner's the worlds largest Christmas store.  This store is located in Frankenmuth, MI and if you ever make it to Michigan it's a must stop.  This store was created in 1945 and has gotten so big since then.  Definitely put on some walking shoes if you are going to go in here.  The store is the size of 5 1/2 football fields.  Yes you heard me right.  Can you believe it.  It is so fun.  I have always wanted to take my husband and we just have never made it and now with Kyle I can't wait to take him someday when he gets a little bigger.  My sister and I got our personalized glass ball ornaments with our names on them in here when I was so young.  Lets just say I stilled believed in Santa when we got these.  We would put those ornaments on the tree every year.  It just wasn't Christmas until those ornaments went on.  What great memories we have going to Bronner's with my parents.  I will always cherish them.  If you can't get to the store they have some things on their website.  In fact I need a new advent wreath and candles along with a 1st Christmas ornament for Kyle so I may need to check the website out myself.   Here are a few shots of Bronner's. 

And if you are not too tired after shopping through Bronners the town of Frankenmuth is so cute.  It is worth a little stroll through.

After working up an appetite with all this shopping you must stop at Zender's for lunch or dinner.  They are famous for their chicken dinners.  Oh this is such a tradition in my family.   I miss going.  My family goes up to Frankenmuth every year.  My brother and sister-in-law just got back.

Oh besides all this the area also has an outlet mall if you still want to shop more.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping this year.


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Preppy Sue said...

What an adorable town! I'm sure you will have many trips with your little guy in the years to come!