Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Black Friday

If anyone likes to shop the day after Thanksgiving or Black Friday as they like to call it then sign up to see the ads early Here.  I signed up for this several years ago and like clock work around this time (actually before Halloween) the ads start showing up.  I used to like all the great bargins you could get on that day until a couple of years ago when one of the malls in our area was opening at midnight on Thanksgiving.  My husband wanted to go to the Polo store because they were having some great sales.  I thought sure no one would be there the night of Thanksgiving. Oh boy was I wrong.  It was probablly around 11:30 pm and there was already about a 3 mile backup on the highway just to get off at the exit for the mall.  No kidding.  I was checking the other lanes and told my husband lets get out of here.  He was determined though and after I don't know how long we made it to the mall and to the parking lots where there wasn't one spot open.  My husband actually parked up in some dirt area where I think in the summer they probablly plant flowers.  Now I have to say I did stock up on some great midnight bargins on Polo stuff and we came out with bag loads for both of us but would I do it again, NO WAY!! I told the hubs that was a one time shot.  It was insane!!!  I enjoy ordering online and my packages come right to the door.  No lines, no crowds and no rude people.  This year we will be at my parents in Michigan for Thanksgiving and my husband will probablly find something to go out for but me and the baby will be staying at the house.  I guess I am just getting too old for this. (ha-ha).  Do any of you brave the crowds that day?



Shannon said...

My mom and I usually hit a few stores around 5am. I've gotten some good deals but we only go if there is something we really want. :) Not sure if we will get to do it this year since little man still won't take a bottle. :)

Printable Coupons said...

Standing in a mile-long line, arguing with someone over the last stock on the shelf, squeezing myself in a super crowded mall… I really don’t mind. That’s what I love about Black Friday. :) Let the Christmas Shopping begin.

Neil Jhonson said...

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