Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday

For this weeks Pink and Green Thursday, I had to share with you this find my sister and I spotted by my house.   A pink trash can!!!  If you have to take out the trash it might as well look cute (ha-ha).   This is available from a company called 1 in 9. to help support breast cancer awareness.   What a great idea.  Unfortunately, it looks like these are only available in our area, but hopefully it will come to more cities.  What a great cause and how fabulous to drive down the street on trash day and see pink trash bins :)

As for my time with my sister, we had a fabulous time!!! So much so I forgot to take any pictures.  That is not like me.  I didn't even get one of her with the little one :(  What was I thinking? Well anyways, we had so much fun.  She had never been to NC so I showed her around and of course we did lots of shopping.  One day we also went to an outlet mall and to the new Christmas Tree Shops that just opened about an hour from my house.  I had never been to one of those before and thought I was going to hyperventilate with all the nautical things.  Oh my word I was loving it.  I definitely found some cute things. Then on to the outlet mall where my sister bought 2 Coach purses and I got one for my mom.  My mom is going to love it!! Hope you all have been having a wonderful week.



My Fashion Dolly said...

Oh, I really like the pink trash can. It's great! (◠‿◠)


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Pink and Green fabulousness :)