Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My week with family part I

Last week my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew were down from Michigan.  We had such a fun week. It was wonderful having them here. The day after they arrived we took them on their first wave running adventure.  Boy did the kids have fun.  The weather started out not too good, but got better as time went on. Here the kids are waiting for hubby and my brother-in-law to bring the wave runners around after putting them in at the boat launch.

My niece and nephew getting ready to ride with their dad for the first time.

This is our little ones first ride on the wave runners.  I think it's been like 5 years since we've gotten them out.  My hubby has been dying to ride them.

Oh boy did my niece and nephew love it!!!

My niece out with hubby. 

Well my brother-in-law and nephew took a little swim.  Needless to say it takes a bit to get two people out of the water and back up on a wave runner, but they eventually did it. 
Hubby taking the two tubing.  They couldn't get enough.  They wanted to do it again and again.

Even when they fell in they wanted more.

My niece going it alone.  Boy she's a dare devil.  My sister is going to have her hands full.  Ha Ha.

Oh this was funny.  Hubby getting ready to knee board.

This is what my little one preferred.  Just being on the beach.  His 10 minute ride on the wave runner was enough for him.

Oh and the hubby going down.

This was the little one trying to go rescue daddy.  It was so cute!!!

Nephew and brother-in-law

Back with their uncle again. I don't know who was having more fun, the kids or my hubby who LOVES wave running.

My sister and I were out on them as well, but no one got a picture.  Both my sister and I were having knee issues (her post surgery me did something to my muscle the week before) so we didn't want to ride much. I think the kids though want to come back next summer and do this again :) 
More to come on our other adventures.

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Suburban Charm said...

What fun!!! Enjoy your family visiting!!!