Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bag Addict

I am going to call this confession Tuesday. As I have mentioned in a previous post I have a little bag/purse addiction. Well if I am really confessing I suppose I shouldn't use little to describe it. (ha-ha). Boy I hope my husband doesn't read this post. He would agree it's not little.

Well on with my story. I will just say I had to get another fix today (tee-hee). It all started this morning. I was on my way down to a meeting I had for work about 35 miles south of me. Been to our other building many, many times and as usually have to pass this one outdoor mall they have. Have gone by this many times as well. Well today I forgot there is a new L.L. Bean store there. Of course it was too early for the mall to be open but as I sat in my meeting getting myself distracted by thoughts of L.L. Bean I remembered I have been wanting another one of those large Madras tote bags. I already have the bright navy but when I ordered the navy they didn't have the newest one which is the multi berry in the picture above. Even though I love the navy the berry is definitely more me. Well the other day when I was ordering the cute rug online I checked to see if they had any more large berry bags. No luck. Completely sold out and I called and they said they were sold out for the season. I was bummed but went ahead and ordered the medium since I really like it. So the rug came and the bag was shipping separately. So as I sat longer in my meeting this morning I just kept thinking maybe the store has the large ones. So after I got out of the meeting I called the store and YES they had the large multi berry Madras totes and they would hold one for me!!!! Meeting was boring but I was excited now. So on my way back to the office I did a quick run in to pick up the ADORABLE!!! bag. Oh girls it is so cute in person I can't even tell you. Now that I am home UPS just delivered the medium berry tote. The girl at the store today said I can return it to the store though so that is good. I was kinda in a hurry earlier today so I didn't have time to look around. It is a 2 story LL Bean store!! So when I go return the medium bag I will have to look around a bit. My plan now is my husband can use the navy madras and the berry is for me. He liked this idea. Oh update!!!! Another LL Bean catalog just came in the mail. Madras skirts.!!!! Are they trying to drive me crazy. I love Madras and I now have no time to go to the store or order it before we leave for vacation. I hope there are some left when I get back. Oh and I just was on the LL bean site the only Madras bags left in either color is the mini. These have been super popular. The mini is too small for me. The medium could work but we are always carrying things back in forth the large works for us. Well you know the 2 bags will be loaded in the car tomorrow all ready for vacation. They are going to look so cute!!!

Bye for now. I really need to start packing!!


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~Holly~ said...

That bag is super cute!! I am also a handbag addict!!! :D And I don't want to recover from it! LOL Your blog is so cute and thanks for following mine! Have an awesome week! :)