Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What do you collect? Well for me I am for some reason drawn to things that start with P. Purses, plates and paper. I know crazy. I LOVE!!! purses and totes of any kind. I have inherited this passion from my mother. I know several people that have like 2 purses and that is it. I just can't imagine. I know some don't like to switch purses but I am one who switches with almost every outfit. I have my purse pretty organized so I just need to switch a few things so it is not a big deal. People will ask me how many purses I have. Well I tell them if I don't count them I don't have to admit how many I have (ha-ha). I'll just say there is shelving and many tubs involved (tee-hee). As for the plates I have no idea how this started. I didn't intend to collect plates but when I am out I just see cute ones and they come home with me. I like to use different dinner plates, I have some really cute dessert plates and of course I guess I could include the several platters I have too. Luckily I have quite a bit of cupboard space in my kitchen to keep all these. Shhh don't tell my husband but there are a few sets of dishes that are in tubs in the garage as well as in the basement. (tee-hee) But for the most part they do fit in the kitchen. Then there is the paper. I have somehow accumulated lots of note pads, stationery etc. I have bought some myself and then I have gotten some for gifts. I love looking at cute paper when I see it in the store. There are so many cute paper things out there these days. I am on a hold for any future plates and paper purchases. Purses/Totes well I could never be on hold for that. There is that saying that a girl can't have enough shoes well I say a girl can't have enough purses :-) So let me know what you like to collect.


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Kate said...

I collect nautical/anchor things and elephants. I used to collect beanie babies-my mom was so into it!