Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update

Well even though I was completely exhausted this weekend I did force myself to get a few things done. I did go through some of my spring and summer things to get ready for vacation. This was depressing. I found many things that didn't fit me this year. Yikes!! I am donating 2 garbage bags full to charity. Not everything didn't fit just some things I don't wear any more. Our year starting with last June has just been one thing after another. First losing the baby then my mother in law having the stroke. I will be honest I have not felt much like exercising. Things have just been too busy and too depressing. I didn't gain any drastic weight but enough. I am not going to beat myself up about it though. After I was pregnant and then wasn't any more my whole body went crazy. I was only pregnant 3 months but boy it just played total havoc on me. And then with my hypothyroidism they were constantly changing my dosage of medication with all the hormone changes. The endocrinologist said it can take up to a year to get back to normal and he was right. I've now stayed on the same dose of Synthroid for 3 months now so I hope I am stable with that for now.

With my mother in law seeming to be stable we hope to head out on vacation Thursday after work!!! Yeah. My husband and I are so ready for a break. And I guess this girl needs some new clothes so I will just have to do a little shopping while I am away. I especially need summer work clothes. I have a ton of winter work clothes which I love buying but am not thrilled with summer work clothes so I hope to find some cute things in North Carolina. They tend to have a different selection down there since there weather is nicer than ours up here.

Of course I LOVE L.L. Bean and look what came today in the mail. This cute rug. I still had a $10 coupon to use so I bought this. I thought it would be cute in the house down in NC. My husband loved it too. I love my pink and green but also love anything nautical. My dream home would be overlooking the ocean. That would be if I knew there would be no hurricanes. (ha-ha).
Have a good one.


Kate said...

LOVE the nautical rug!

Shannon said...

That rug is so cute! I'm so sorry for everything you have been through this past year. :( Good for y'all for taking a vacation though. Have fun and buy lots of cute clothes! :)

Mandi said...

Hey Linda! I saw that you had visited my blog and wanted to come over and say hello! It is so nice to meet you and i can tell we have a lot in common from your interests. I am on vacation now, so am not blogging much, but I sure hope your vacation goes well. You deserve a break from all you have been through, and that rug is great!