Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some Cute finds

Here are some of my recent purchases. First the black, white and yellow organizer can you believe I found that cute thing at Walmart for $3 or $4. Love it!! The straw purse I found for $5 yes $5!! Gotta love bargins. I thought this would be cute with some black capris or a black skirt this summer. Kinda looks like Burberry. The cocktail napkins were $1.69 and I got those at T. J. Maxx while we were in Michigan. Couldn't pass those up. And lastly the nautical knots also a T.J. Maxx find were $5.99 and $3.99. They have a nautical knot in the Ballard catalog for $39. I'll go with my cheaper version. I love nautical things and I've done our guest room in North Carolina in nautical so I'm going to do something with these in there.
Oh side note. Today I was so excited. I happened to be walking pass our gift shop at work and what do I see in the window but Lilly Pulitzer!!!! I couldn't believe it. I of course had to go in and they had lots of cute LP things. They don't carry clothing but all kinds of accessories. Nice distraction from work I have to say.


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Kate said...

Love the nautical knots!