Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!  I hope you dad's are having a wonderful day.  I spoke with my dad today and found out they are still without power.  We had big storms Friday and after hitting us they headed over to Michigan and my parents have been without power since Friday.  Luckily my brother got them a generator a couple of years ago so they at least have some power for the refrigerator and freezer and can turn on the TV but no air conditioner.  My dad is so surprised it has been off this long.  They have never been without power this long before.  They don't live in the country but in a subdivision but there is no word on when this will be fixed.  My sister and brother in law live a mile from my parents and they too are without power.  They went out yesterday and got a generator as well.  Luckily today is a little cooler out.  Yesterday was warm over there.  My dad was mentioning that the neighbors have been out of town so probably by the time they get back they are going to lose everything in their refrigerator and freezer.  Wouldn't you just love coming home to that mess.

Well on to our weekend.  Since yesterday was such a nice day we drove up to Williams Bay/Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  My husband has been wanting to go to the observatory for several years now.   They have the worlds largest refracting telescope.  And then we thought we would have a picnic by the lake so I tested out the new thermal tote.  It works great.

Here are a few pictures of the hubs and Kyle on his first father's day weekend.  This was Kyles first big outing and first picnic.  He was loving it.

Some pictures of beautiful Lake Geneva.

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The Pink Tutu said...

Oh what pretty pictures! Michigan is so beautiful in the summer. I'm headed to Traverse City next weekend. That's where my bf grew up.