Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No more bees please

Yesterday I had to run to my doctor appointment and when I stopped for gas look what I found.  Well this picture is without the bees thanks to the hubs.  So since it was swarming with bees I quickly closed the door.  Unfortunately I didn't have time to go back home and switch cars since it takes 20 minutes with no traffic to get to the doctors office. 
Once I arrived at the doctors office and was getting out of my car look what else I found. It was another bee hive inside the drivers side door again swarming with bees. How I didn't see this when I was getting in I have no idea. Since I have been off on maternity leave I haven't really been using my car we have used my husbands so I guess the bees decided to make it their home. Luckily when I got home the hubs quickly took care of this problem.

Hope you are having a bee free day :-)



Pink Martini said...

Oh my! That looks like a wasp nest! What an odd place to find one. I just had the bee man out this morning to take care of a swarm that was just starting to make a home between our chimney and the roof eves. Now they are in my house and I can't figure out how they keep getting in. I bet you'll 'bee' looking out for this everytime you get into your car. Glad no stings happened.

Tara said...

Those suckers will take up residence just about anywhere. They built a nest under the seat of our rocking chair but I took care of them with some shots of wasp spray.

Preppy Sue said...

Yikes, that's awful!