Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bed Bugs

Are any of you freaked out about this bed bugs business as I am?  I hate bugs and the thought of bugs in my bed just makes my skin crawl.  Luckily we haven't had to stay in a hotel since our son was born, but we are going to want to travel one of these days and I just can't get past this whole epidemic that so many news stations are talking about.  It would be bad enough if just my husband and I were traveling, but with Kyle and all the stuff you need to take for a baby, I just fear bringing a little hitch hiker home.  And due to all the travelers it is so wide spread and doesn't matter how much the hotel costs.  My brother-in-law travels a lot for work both in Europe and the U.S and my sister just told me about a website recently where you can check on a specific hotel or an area and see if anyone had reported a bed bug problem.  It's called Bed Bug Registry .  I don't know if too many people really know about it yet, but I know I will be checking this before we would travel.  I am glad I am not traveling to New York anytime soon, according to the site they have the worst  infestation in the country.  Now I know it is a big city but no thanks.   Have any of you ran into any bed bugs on your travels?


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Blondie said...

OMG I can't believe they have this website! This grosses me out! It's good that you can check though I guess. Kori xoxo