Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cosmetic Bargins!

Oh girls have I found the bargains. Sunday I went to the Cosmetique warehouse sale. Everyone I work with has been going for the past 4 or 5 years now and just raves about it. They only have these sales twice a year and every time they've had it either we were out of town or had other plans. Well I finally went. I had never heard of Cosmetique but the company is not too far from my house. It is just that a warehouse attached to the side of the main building and everything is sorted in boxes. Here is a picture of all I got.

I thought I did pretty good and I got some things for my sisters and my mom too. Well it wasn't till I got home and checked out their website www. cosmetique.com that I was jumping for joy. I came home and started adding up all that I bought and how much it would be if I had ordered it all off their website. Girls I would have spent $545!!!!! Can I have a drum roll please.... I only spent $38.25 for all of it. I LOVE IT!!! One of the creams alone is $35 on the website and I got it for 75 cents!! If I would have know that before I went I would have probably picked up a couple more. And the two cosmetic bags that I got for my mom one is $18 and the other is $15 online. Can I tell you I spent $1.00 each. I saved $506.75. This is by far the biggest bargain I have ever gotten. I am sure glad I finally got to go.

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Mandi said...

This post was to make me jealous. Two of my favorite things are bargains and makeup. Those deals were ridiculous! Way to go.