Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Cross in the Woods

Driving home from Mackinac Island my husband and I stopped at The Cross in the Woods. I am Catholic and growing up my parents, my sister and I would always stop here when we went up north. My husband had never been before so it was nice to show him something I have done since I was a very small child. This is a Catholic shrine located in Indian River, MI. If the weather is nice like it was when we were there you can go to mass outside. It is a very peaceful place. They also have a whole wall of candles as you walk in that you can make a donation and light. I always light several in memory of our family members who have passed. There is a gift shop (I am stocked up on prayer cards and medals) and even a doll museum. If you are ever in that neck of Michigan I would recommend stopping especially if you are catholic or check out Here are some pictures.

Inside the church looking out.

Doll Museum

Have a great week all. I went to a cosmetic warehouse sale today and saved a ton of money. More on that later.

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