Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need your advice.

First of all I am off work tomorrow. WOO HOO!! Work has been so busy and I went in last Saturday. Yes I know Saturday so that is why I am taking tomorrow off. Yippy!! O.K. now that I got that out of my system. On to things. A few weeks ago my husband surprised me with these cute natural Adirondack chairs.

He tells me he decided on the natural because he will stain or paint them what ever color I want. My problem, I can't decide what to do. He thought for sure I would want one pink and one green. He knows me so well. Yes that would be fun but would I want something a little more neutral. I just don't know. Should I have him paint them a color or just stain them. Girls please help. As you can see they are still sitting in the sun room waiting to have something done before they go outside. I am obviously over thinking this HELP.


Preppy Sue said...

Love them, what a nice surprise! Ours are stained, but white is so classic!

short southern momma said...

Stain is pretty, but I am a fan of white. have a great day off!!

Sheryl said...

I found you from Susie's blog. Love Adirondack chairs! Wish I owned some. I'd probably want them white or red.

preppyinnewengland said...

White is my fav. So nice with some preppy toss pillows you can always change.