Monday, July 13, 2009

Mackinac Island Part Four

Hi all,

This is my final Mackinac Island post I promise. I know lots of pictures but the weather was just perfect I couldn't help but take tons of pictures. If you ever get to go to the island be sure to set some time aside to rent bikes and take the 8 mile ride around the island it is such a pretty ride. Below are some shots along the way.

Here I am posing with the Arch Rock just over my head. I spoke about Arch Rock yesterday with the view from the top looking down.

Hubs skipping rocks. Mackinac Island is pretty rocky so if you want an island to sit in the sand this wouldn't be it.

This is the Mission Point Resort

Happy Monday!!

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Preppy Sue said...

Ahh, it looks so peaceful and relaxing! What a beautiful place!